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About your EDIUS ID

What is an EDIUS ID?

Your EDIUS ID links you to your Grass Valley product license key. By creating this linkage at the first activation, it provides much greater license security and secures uniqueness of your license.
You can also access the serial numbers you own or download a product by logging in using your EDIUS ID to a membership website, “EDIUS ID Web”(this website).

EDIUS ID and Grass Valley products

Authentication of your serial number with your EDIUS ID is necessary to launch Grass Valley products such as EDIUS and Mync. At the first time of startup after installation, an authentication screen will appear and you can start the software after your serial number and EDIUS ID are verified.
*EDIUS ID is optional for EDIUS Workgroup.

How to create an EDIUS ID

Follow the instructions on the EDIUS ID registration page, enter the data required and then click ‘EDIUS ID Registration’. You will then receive an email, with instructions to complete your registration.

EDIUS ID Online Functions

After successfully creating and registering your EDIUS ID, you will be able to access your personal EDIUS ID page online to do the following:

  • Check your serial number information (serial number information can be confirmed after the software verification.)
  • Download a trial version or receive a serial number (a serial number can be activated only once for each product.)

Recommended computer setup for using EDIUS ID Online (this site)

  • OS : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Browser : Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome