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Safeguards about the personal information acquired

At our company, as a rule, (1) personal information provided by customers is used only for the following purposes, and (2) before use for any other purpose we will provide notification in advance using the applicable service. At our company, we will manage the information you input appropriately and will not disclose or provide it to a third-party without your permission unless warranted by special circumstances.

  1. Transmission of our products
    (Personal information might be entrusted to business partners with which we have confidentiality agreements.)
  2. Implementation of questionnaires about our products for the purposes of investigating the conditions of their use, improving and developing them, and improving service
    (Survey results might be provided to our business partners as reference materials, but they will be provided in formats that maintain anonymity.)
  3. Provision of information about software version upgrades and new products, for example
  4. Confirmation of the identities of individuals when inquiries are received


  • The registered email address/password combination should always be different from that used with another ID service. Using the same email address/password combination with multiple services increases the risk of unauthorized access.
  • The registered email address/password combination will become important license information. Never provide this information to another person. If the email address/password combination should become disclosed, change it right away. We cannot make any guarantees related to the leakage of email addresses and passwords unrelated to this system.
  • You will need your date of birth if you forget the information you registered.